"The Depressive"

Victim: no-one special; the character of her former boy-friend suits well to her, both were always to be keen, to pester other people. The real victims: all closer people!
The expression "toad" was used official for the first time for a) another then mine and b) an actual story.

Both travelled together on initiative from common friends, and were "forced" to share one bed at night. Therefore they snapped each other, until the lust had overcomed. This lovely manners remained until the end of this story (for great pleasure of all present persons!)

Favourite activities
Circulating good mood: Equal in the morning, at lunchtime or in the evening; the long face was her identification. And if someone was in a good temper, she was prompt to change this condition.
We drove just after the reunification on a sunny morning (OK, it was more lunchtime) from a building made from prefabricated slabs in Dresden, to do a sightseeing tour with breakfast. We discovered a little market with stalls for sliced cold meat and bread, and there rised the idea, to buy perhabs some things for breakfast. Now a lovely little voice roared suddenly from the back seat with the soft words: I WANT COFFEEEE!!!! So this chapter was discussed. Later we fled secretly from the car while she was sleeping, to visit undisturbed the pub in an old paper mill. It was allowed to laugh there.
Special talent in the category "good mood", Whining: It is too hot, it is to cold, there's a draught, I'm tired, no interest, not so far to go, this don't taste me, etc. etc. There are not even two minutes, without any complaints from CFK1.
And if the visit of the famous rocks of Saxon were too dangerous for her, then others also should not go to the vantage point. It might be possible, that the keys for the car fall with the people in the gorge. Permanent whining in consequence, which is difficult to ignore.
Visiting friends: Not even bad, if one knows everywhere people, which are amused about a visit! Also very nice, if the friend owns the only bath in the whole block at Prenzlauer Berg (Berlin). Even better if the friend tells nice stories till to the early morning (CFK1 didn't like this!). While we consumed beverages and food from dishes which are labeled with "Property from [all sights of the city]", A. showed us her most beautiful reports about shoplifting. Nice place there!
Celebrating birthdays: Fine if one have birthday on New Year's day. Practical if one still lives by the parents. Mum gets a case of beer, uncle is cooking something, and her job is to stand near the door and to ask for presents. And she invited 15 persons to acquire enough presents! Therefore the beer is empty at 10 o'clock p.m. No costs and the pockets full of presents!
But this was a little bit embarrassing. Next year she didn't live by her parents any more. Therefore she decided with a heavy heart to invest an 20L-barrel of beer at her birthday. Really annoying: the witnesses of the debacle from the last year didn't appear again and more then half of the beer was tipped away...
At another party the organization was perfect a) they buyed more then 100 litres beer (and this for bare 20 people, many drove with the car!) and b) food for a whole village or a military camp! The surprise of some guests was great, as there was not only one collection for birthday presents with an amount of 30 DM, but another one in same size for the party. Her former boy-friend had generous assumed the whole "rests" (this didn't fit in one car, but he was also master of the preparations and was also responsible for the collection). Her main part for this party was to whine next morning, because there was no birthday cake.
Not cooking: At every place and everytime she pointed out, that she isn't able to cook and also not willing to to this! At least honest, one think! Now she had talked about an invitation for dinner, because I helped her with her housework for the exam (reading of the work, which was already without mistakes, because many people read it before, only 34 faults!). On the base of her formerly malicious campaigns against cooking, I was in the opinion, that this invitation happens in a restaurant. Tough!!! This may cost something! This was the proof, that it is possible to cook so bad, that spaghetti are inedible. And one have to lie afterwards, that it was not so bad!
Playing cards: Many possible games, but always the people who had to play with her in one "team", felt the desire to kill after the second round. The fact, that she played very good was presumable not the reason for this. But CFK1 was certainly convinced about the quality of her gaming, and tried always to find a witness, who will confirm that she had played really good at any place anywhere. She didn't succeeded maybe until today...
Instigating trouble: Street party or pub; if anywhere was violence in sight, CFK1 was always in front of the trouble. If a grimly thug demonstrates his not underestimated abilities in Kung-Fu, she tried hard to damage his most sensitive parts of the body! To go out with her may become dangerous!

This was a problem. Never one knows if they finished the disaster or if it is still actual. This depended on the activities of her boy-friend with other women. As he started a new relationship, this was the end of CFK1.

Birds of a feather flock together!