The "friend"

JK1 on party

A friend dragged her in the same pubs for months, we got to know each other a little bit, and she was not really reserved by this time too (witnesses realized also this fact). After ending of her last affair we compared our forward planning about common leisure time and discovered: next Saturday is possible...

Favourite Activities
Blethering: JK1 says by herself, that if she is dead there must be someone who have to kill her big mouth extra. A well-known saying which really matches to her behaviour. And there was nothing, which is too embarrassing not to tell (alcohol maximized the flow of words). But this is OK, without blethering no story...
To do her job: Why women are not absolutely right for leading positions? This was an good example! After 10-12 hours on work every day, she was not able to gain control of her job. Daily she talks about quitting and her stupid boss, although she didn't manage to leave him at a Thursday evening till 10 o'clock p.m. She was completely overcharged with her job and moaned also in her leisure time always about her problems. But she didn't really see any alternatives, in her company is the whole management a crowd of dropout students.
Declare and demonstrate friendship: Latest at the fifth meeting, she decided to be my friend. Yep, such people are also on the way! This was not really impractical, if she prepared half of the birthday meal, in spite of her normal problems at her work. This will not everbody do for people, which one knows since three months?! This woman must have dozens or hundreds of friends because of her outstanding involvement? Where are they, never seen only one? Later she declared as only friend a waitor, which I know by accident. Latest now, it was my turn to express my condolence. There must be anything wrong with this woman...
Sense of family: OK, no friends, but she had her family. First of all there was a mentally retarded brother, who loves it to spend his holiday nights on a pile of drugs in Amsterdam. She decided to visit him there, and was astonished, that this journey was not really amusing. Or the uncle by marriage, who fumbled JK1 in a taxi in presence of her mother and his wife. But the outstanding position in her family had her mother. At every move (only sober, look also alcohol) she thinks about the approval of her mother, although she lives 200KM away. Always JK1 complained herself about the phone calls from her mother, but always only by other people. If mother only could possibly give any signal, she obeys rapidly. One reason for the numerous abnormalities of this person.
Gardening: As JK1 moved to her new apartment, she fenced off three square metres from the grass and declared this area to an ornamental garden. She ordered many plants and some kitsch figures for high prices by mail-order firms, and arranged them in visibility. Now she explained for every visitor of her terrace, which little brown bush once upon a time what for a plant was. A professional gardener would have removed the whole magnificence as weed.
Driving car: She was able to do this, maybe because this is one part of her job?! Not really clever: She wanted to drive (because of the great "friendship") people 500m to the railway station, although she drank enough alcohol to get a blood-alcohol level of 200 millilitres. This maybe costs the driving licence and in consequence the beloved job.
Consuming alcohol: OK, who will not drink some beers with pleasure? Too much? Yes, also! Loose some scruples? Yes! This will describe the case only incomplete. Although this woman is relative hard drinking, her lack of restraint was only exceeded by a total loss of memory, if this will know her mother! Therefore she discovered the origin of abrasions or bruises on her legs only with witnesses.
In her final state a really warning example; one thinks of looking so by own on the way home?!
Distributing gastronomy tips: If someone drinks hop-containing beverages with pleasure, this person normally knows some pubs. First at all she condemned a pub, which presented all perfect at the common visiting day. Afterwards she recommended a "good" restaurant. Summary: Awful and slowly service which was unable to pour a beer, ignores completely every wishes of the customers, and at last the bill was wrong. Congratulations, I declined politely any further recommendations.
Demand intimacies: Classical result of consuming alcohol. And how practical if she can't remember anything next morning. Generally she is no example for sadness: In spite of another long-standing relationship I hear the statement "With four colleagues in this company in twelve years, that is not so much?" Matter of opinion! Other statement: "Carnival and on holiday I always make a balls-up" Yep, if she is proud of this?! This was only the tip of the iceberg, more I didn't want to hear. But she talked further and further...
If she had told this all, and reminds five times a minute to her demands, she could be sure that this will be ignored. At least her bedroom was cooler than my own at the hottest days in the hottest year. But next year I will buy rather an air-condition.
Care for errors: JK1 is of the opinion, that 95% of women know about the desires of men, and in opposite only 5% of men know the wishes of women. Nice idea, her experiences with men are certainly sufficient, but unfortunately she belongs to the 5% of the remaining women...

The true reason is usual for women, which are about 40 years old and still single ore with permanent changing partners: The part to fall in love didn't work again. But there is still the great "friendship". Therefore she moved the next date again and again and at last she didn't appear to an definitely accepted date without refusal (reason: job?). The following complaint was received with insult, no excuse or something like this. Yep, she didn't fulfil the requests for a friendship...

What a luck for life and soul, that this acquaintance didn't went to extremes.