"The Quick"

Victim: J.L. from K. The same first name as MK1 to MK4! How much of this type are existing?! But this time I'm only spectator. And actually she was really pleasant, I renamed her from a situation "Agathe", so she had not to bear the unloved name or expression "toad". She accepted this baptism but somehow her name had the function of an oracle too...

MFK1 was working in the same area of business as J.L., they phoned from time to time about deliveries, they met, and went together to holidays some days later. (Quick part 1).
The apartment of MFK1 in D. stood further empty, because she lived nearly the whole time in K. and she found also a new job there. A few months later, she quitted her apartment.

Favourite Activities
To plan visions of the future: The common apartment was unfortunately not expandable, therefore they looked for another possibility to stay in the future. Some time ago they found an object for a good price, but this needed many initiative of one's own and additional more finances. In this place the dear friends had a really nice employment for the weekends; the cellar should be digged deeper. And at lunch she served the beloved "Feuerzauber Texas" from Aldi, then we could work with double energy in the afternoon.
Visiting fitness centres: She was so pleased about the centre, that she wouldn't leave the place again. Therefore she went not only to the training and badminton, she also got work behind the bar of the centre (a centre with beer on the counter, the guests are able to compensate immediately their advances).
Anyway she needed the money, because she planned even to finance one part of the purchased house.
Cycle tours: One really good feature. While others often only reach the next beer garden, it was possible to reach long-distance beer gardens with MFK1. (Quick part 2).
To take somebody's part for unknown people: If one talk about other people, she always interfered and the absolutely unknown person is right. Although, the living together of J.L. and MFK1 really appeared harmoniously and peaceful.

Driving car
As driver: We reached the destination, her way to work (partly far away) gave her the necessary training. The little accident with the polish truck was presumable not her guilt; the settlement of damages is not really easy, if the driver from our neighbouring country owns no insurance card and no police took a statement.
Servicing her car: Maybe no one had told her? An engine needs a little bit of oil to operate. The garage informed her about this fact. This information costed some thousands of DMarks. Otherwise the peoples liked her convertible to get some spares, occasional there was missing an insignificant part such as the cover of the trunk. Her colleagues told her about the content of the trunk; against polish trucks there is also no help with trunk-covers.

The friends not only digged in the cellar, they also discussed if the wedding happens in the actual year or the next one. On a fine Saturday morning, she told to J.L. that this relationship is not quite her taste, and that she got to know another man in her fitness centre. She packed her stuff and disappeared (Quick part 3). Good example how one can mistaken in other people!
Whom does matter the small thing with the house, the credits weren't attached to her name and for the early cancellation of the credits she released 700 DM at another occasion, very generous!
And the visions of the future? The new man had already three kids, then the start of a family didn't last so long, she didn't like to play the role of a housewife!

Is it really the curse of the name? One point which J.L. today not longer will contradict. Otherwise noone should assume, that one tomorrow will have the same, as one today thinks that he will have tomorrow. Same how in the job!