"The baptism"

Guilty was a doorman of my favourite discotheque; he dragged me to a turkish wedding to show me his new girl-friend. Soon this was his previous girl-friend, afterwards she tried another one and then it was my turn. A real problem was to hold the secrecy against another admirer. (from whom she doesn't want anything); he is every time so sad, if she has a new lover (anyone a handkerchief?).

Favourite Activities
To marry and to get babies: Most discussed theme already after one month. She was by this time already 23 years old and almost to old to get babies. And anyway she wants to get married from her grandpa, he was a real priest (who was moved several times, because the whole parish knows about his affairs in the community). At least: she learned about the faults of her mother and started not an "unintentional" pregnancy.
She had a great affinity to her family. To one? No, the father was married two times and lived with a girl-friend together and her mother was married the second time too. This is a good quantity of family with the whole stepsisters and stepbrothers. A contact to her mother should be avoided, if she had two glasses of wine, then she became very "funny" - a bowling-club of older wives was nothing against this.
Moving together: After one month an actual theme too. Unfortunately this wish fell on fertile ground because the living with a waitor in one home was not really an amusement. Instead of learning for exams, you stand vertically in bed in the middle of the night, when the wild bunch falls in at 4 o'clock a.m. and the other morning I had to explain his employer at phone, why he doesn't appear at work. Therefore I was persuaded to this step; when the first holidays together were before the moving, then this moving would be never happened! But she was experienced in living together with a boy-friend (after one year there arrives a letter from a lawyer with rent demands from the past; only one of many surprises!).
Fighting: Leisure Activity No. 1! You don't need a reason to quarrel, but you can start every moment, else the live may become too boring. Mostly it started during breakfast, she had always bad mood in the morning, why could others be so bold, to have a better mood? Also any days like sylvester are nothing special if one likes to start a fight; she let her needs a free run...
Cooking and baking: This was with rising tendency her real strongth! The respectable knowledge in producing a tasty cake was enlarged by a lot of eatable dishes. At least one theme which suits to point 1 and 2.
Art: Moderate, an occasional visit in a theatre or museum was sufficient.
Friends: As a student of pedagogy she is blessed with a first-class circle of friends. Preferred subjects of conversation were naturally the abuse of child and rape in the marriage; very nice and interesting topics for leisure time. If you give them the key of your home for watering the flowers during holidays, you may look a long time for your possession. And if you criticize your girl-friend about climbing from lap to lap after three glasses of wine, then you were left at home the next time; this is the best solution for her!
Shopping: Although she is not able to pay half of the rent, because she is real a destitute student, the money was always enough for a pair of boots or a skirt which costs the rent for one month. Common buying in the supermarket always fell in the relation 1:4; maybe it would have been better to check the bill?!
Eating ice cream: But only if it is free of charge for her. If you look forward to see your girl-friend on a hot summer day, you buy some ice cream on which she pounced direct, then it is normal, that you get trouble, because such investments are not acceptable in the coming common home. MK1 solved this problem afterwards on another way (look Shopping).
Going out: The control of the costs by self-financing had always the first priority. And if she was invited for a dinner, it is particularly nice to start a fight with me, because the waitress with a fault in the bill gets 1DM tip instead of 0,50DM.
Changing the hairstyle: Although there is always low tide in the cash, a longer visit at the hairdresser with a complete relaunch of the style was necessary all three months. As original color from her hair was red very probable, but in the course of the years I have seen many other colors.
The worst consequence of these visits were the positive statements I have to give after each relaunch and this was not always easy! Some time I preferred consistent one style which was really OK; this was the only style I have never seen again.
In this context I had to learn, that I should never answer honest to a question about the looking of her mini-skirt...
Knitting: 35 degrees in the shadow (look holidays)? The knitting goods were packed out and then we knit some beautiful warm pullovers for the winter! What a pity if nobody wants to wear the finished product, therefore she had to wear it by herself.

Driving car
As passenger: No problem, she was even able to read the map and ignored during the journey even her favourite activity fighting. For that she was the whole trip busy with eating and drinking. Certainly this reduces the velocity of the journey noticeable, because nearly every service area means a stop. This is very difficult on french country roads: here are no service areas and when the content of the stomach leaves early the position, this may be not a good sign for your car.
As driver: Missing driving experience ends quick in a heart attack if she was sitting at the wheel. And if you have to drive more than 2.000KM and her help would be really necessary, you could forget this.

Target: Doesn't matter, main thing is less to pay for her, because the leisure activity Shopping should not be reduced by holidays.
Start: Some days after her moving to my home, we pack some light clothes together to make a little journey to Spain (look driving).
Course: After reaching the target we will start a nice little quarrel at first and will then recover from the strains of the journey. If the convalescence is finished, she recognized, that she has forgotten the most important equipment for the sun of Spain: The knitting goods! Therefore she was enforced to switch to another activity: Fighting without any reason! It's not difficult to imagine, that 3weeks of hell are not really refreshing.
Return: The stomach was better on the return journey, for fighting was not more enough air available. We looked to our withered plants and missing properties (look friends).

A shuffling separation with various attempts to reconciliate, because unfortunately we still shared the same residence. As her studies reached their end, her last efforts for cooperation were away. A lovely fellow student had told her, that she would earn 6.000DM in 1990 in her desired job with her pedagogic education. She gets better informations by the employment exchange and the answers from her applications. But the latent fear of a higher share in our household was still active.
Meanwhile she reached the point of no return, and she explored a new leisure activity: she tried to pick up my friends. Case No. 1 was unsuccessful because of an accidental event and case No. 2 was only interested in her sister. This activities didn't really stroke my enthusiasm and I recommended her to look for another home. She answered for her part with an order of the police, which didn't react like she wished. Therefore she was doing something right for the first time one month later: she moved.
Best Scene: she stands in the door and says "There's so much war in the world, why must we have war too?" (the gulf war began by this time) Answer: "As Saddam attacked Kuweit, he had also other ideas about the end of his campaign!"

After departure
As she recognized, that her matters not took the desired course, she had no scruples to start after her moving new attempts to approach. First she stood with the baby of the neighbour and any pretext in the door, second time she phoned me to explain me what for a wonderful time we had (look holidays) and if we want to date once again?! The laughter was very loud....

This was luck; there was a bader end possible!