"The Illogical"

The contact developed over common friends and soon there was an agreement about the planning of a date. Three days afterwards we phone about three hours, although we doesn't really know the other. The necessary arrangement about the meeting takes again half an hour...

The date starts in a little brewery with a snack and some beers. Afterwards we visited some pubs and leave to home together. Nice evening!

Two days later there is a letter in the box: everything was fantastic and great, but she is not in love. Bad luck, she gets a letter back and we talk two times about some trivialities and the third time I saved the breath for this.

After departure
We visited furthermore the same pub and one ignore each other. No problem! But why does she ever ask my friends about me? While a talk with another girl she asks me immediately "Do you know her, she looks so angry in my direction?". Why this, actions without sense?!

There was going something wrong, but girls with the sign of the "scorpio" have some problems with communication (compare NK1).