"Miss Kaiser"

Carnival in Cologne: We met with some friends to drink one or two beer. Suddenly there is a girl, which I have seen from the distance on the last Silvester party. She doesn't leave again for the rest of the day.

Same day in the evening there met two unlucky events together: 1. The waitor drank more than the guests and didn't clear up the table. Soon the glasses were broken on the floor. 2. MK4 on my neck stumbled by getting up and pulled us both from increased position into the deep. Result: The fragment from a glass got into my thumb and the thumb flooded the pub with blood. Next step was the ambulance on the way to a hospital. Unnoticed she mounted the front of the car. First she stired up the whole hospital, then she dragged me without any questions to her apartment. Till here no problem!

Some days later we met again. We sat beneath her table and she wanted to sell me a life insurance from the "Hamburg-Mannheimer" (Remark: The name "Kaiser" is famous in Germany from several commercial spots of the Hamburg-Mannheimer in TV). In the face of the incidents there must be a combination with an accident insurance optimal?! Fine methods! Although there is some fun in destroying her lecture for about two hours. The lecture is known and the next steps are transparent. The wished result was not in sight for her but for me it was a new realization, what kind of people are living in my neighbourhood.

It's not really a wonder, that many people are reserved against insurances. It's a luck, that not all sales people are so shabby.