"The Psychotic"

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After an accidental meeting in the beer garden, we met five days in series, then followed the first big anger and following silence between us. Her interest in my person raised much higher, as she had a date for the moving from her Ex (Top-Story!). She accentuated 10 times a day, that she is obviously able to manage the whole moving alone, but when someone will force her with his help, she may give up and take it gracious. And it was not necessary for me, to thank her enough for the granted honor...
In countermove she painted later my radiators; today this radiators are called affectionately dripstone-heater by my visitors. Afterwards the debacle starts...

Favourite Activities
Phoning: At home, in the office or mobile: an attempt to reach her ends permanent with an engaged signal (compare holidays). If you have the luck to hear the ringing tone, you learn about the reasons for this. For hours senseless discussions about any trivialities. There's only one way to end this terrible calls: ask about some relevant informations!
Unfortunately she was not able, to memorize her own phone numbers. So there are confusions in two from three numbers. Only the office number was correct, the digits might have been in the display of the phone?!
Sleeping near of a howling alarm clock: As conscientious employee, who has her desk full of work, she sets her alarm clock to 06 o'clock a.m., there is much to do today! If the alarm clock rings really (sometimes even at 06.00a.m. because correct programmed), she terminated the ringing and sleeps again. This event repeats two times every hour. Estimated arrive after the necessary restoration of the face and 10 minutes journey: 09.30 a.m. This event is suitable to the phoning: "Please phone me in a moment, if I stood up really?!". The result is not thrilling.
Collecting unfinished events: This leisure activity divides in three components; 1. to ask the wrong person about advice, 2. to start the event poor and incomplete, 3. to beg for help with the hint, that real no help is necessary. The curtains needed some time, to get their way to the wall and also the damaged door of the bedroom improved for many weeks the middle of the small living room.
Wrestling: This is for most people not really a leisure activity! This case is a dramatic exception (compare driving). There is much contrast between her behaviour in the public (she wanted to appear as a "lady"), and her behaviour without witnesses (bitting, scratching, pinching). In the middle of the night she started a scrap! And she lost every time....
Cooking: A leisure activity per lip service. She visited persistent any cooking-events, seminars for oils and was even participant in Kochduell (a german TV-Show with cooking, she lost!); in the practice such competence was hardly to notice. She had problems to cook a tea! Otherwise there is a warmed up stew from tin on the cooker and not any exquisite food which have its sourse in the area of fantasy. The only presented meal had his centure in "italien style", the quality could be polite described as medium.
What is the wrong date for exploring the cooking abilities: the bedroom should be painted over the weekend, because the new lockers arrive at Monday. But if Mom wants her to produce Tira Misu for Sunday, then it's really bad for the bedroom! And if there's not enough skill for doing this the first time, she had to buy and prepare two times!
Art: She had three subscriptions for the "Philharmonie", what a well educated wife! First thinking! But what will we prove, if we squire her to this temple of art: she likes the appearance of the bolero-dancer with a blank breast! Men will name this "art" Table-Dance.
To sputter in French: In addition to a cultured wife, it is essential, to master standard languages. Nice if someone is able for this! From the hearing this was relative genuine. But is there any sense, if she sputters half an hour in French to herself, although it may sound good ?
Criticizing: This is her dearest activity! Although she is in no discipline good by herself, there is nothing in this world, which is safe of her attacks. This creativity was missed at many other places!
Short-dated meetings with friends / almost-ex-boy-friends / former neighbours / etc.: Actual not a bad thing. But if we want to see each other sometimes, there are arrangements necessary. She planned a meal with a friend of her in the early evening. Our date was pushed in the later evening. Part of the arrangement: she doesn't arrive too late and my part was to be sober. Result: she arrives drunken at 1 o'clock a.m. Very fine, such arrangements are really helpful!
The rest of her follow up chart was rather closely too: Incidentally the only appointed day in the week to meet was the day, when the old bedroom migrates to bulk rubbish! But this should be also a better task for others...
If I got the "honor" to visit some of this meetings, I heard about interesting things like the segmentation of rooms in the house from the neighbour of B.! Some preaches in church are much more interesting. How do they keep up until 1 o'clock???
Shopping: Critical activity cause of the fact, that her account is always in minus. But what is a gentlewoman without Haute Couture from Paris? The difference to clothes from Urban was only the price (preferred oliv, we got this costless by the army).
In addition she buys the most expensive table clothes, because she is in any case bust. This would be a disaster for her designated cohabitant, if he grants her warrant over his account...

Driving car
As passenger: Dangerous! It's not really simple, to get a car with the speed of 180 km/h on the road, if the passenger unbuttons nonstop my shirt.
There's only one way to outrange this behaviour: on a winding country road she wanted to turn the switch from car radio to maximum, because the music "All men are pigs" plays in the radio. The following scrapping ended almost at the opposite side of the road.
Therefore an absolute lack in mapreading; the position on the map was a mystery for her (even in front of her own door).
As driver: We reached our destination but the driveway becomes critical if she ignores consequently the traffic backwards. This suits to the circumstance, that she enthused permanent about the BMW of her former boy-friend; she sleeps till today on it's key!
Parking was possible (if there's place enough for a truck). Her motto "I will drive all!" is maybe right, but doesn't contain a message about the quality.

Destination: The choice of the the destination is not even easy. J. in England has to be visited, she wanted a ride in a kayak with W.; also there are a ski-holidays, holidays by bicycle and city trips to Paris and Istambul. What a pity that she had no money and only 30 days holidays.
Time: Beside plans for holidays there are many other activities (compare favourite activities). After hard negotiations we found a passably date for a short trip. The plan is indeed rather narrow terminated.
Start: She got back from Paris at Saturday in the evening and we wanted to start at the early Sunday morning. Meanwhile her best friend C. moved to her apartment. For C. is the marital-status not so important and sometimes she leaves her husband. We opened the door of her apartment, and directly the phone is ringing. NK1 was talking for hours with C., who stayed by her new acquisition F. and moaned about her "misfortune". Therewith the hope for an early night's rest was inhumed, but there's not all lost. It's possible to stand up early, take a breakfast and departs. NO, stop, phone is ringing: this time we had B. at the phone, he's the cuckold of C. He got some lies, afterwards he got a piece of the truth, and the formula 1 race in TV could be watched in full length; planned was only the start. As the most important things were discussed, we could depart before the sun goes down again.
Course: A little bit of bad conscience she had maybe afterwards and the mobile phone rested most of the following days in her bag. SMS-Traffic in the evening was temporary the substitute for permanent phoning. Till the last day: the withdrawal raised to high and she discussed the marriage problems of others while walking through the pretty nature! But this didn't matter meantime, NK1 didn't make any contribution to good holidays.
Return: The story foreshadows that the return was not normal too. Mom of NK1 had a mystery date on her plan which shortened the holidays for one day. And if Mom cries, NK1 had to spring (compare cooking)! Later she declared this irrevocably date as normal mother-daughter-story; maybe they joined a sect; this could be designated as normal in this family.

As result of her strong-willed mother and her promiscuous friend which resided in her apartment, she didn't send a message after the holidays. Anyway nowone had missed this. One reason to be happy, because this debacle only lasted four months. Currently stress and nevertheless boredom. The complete story of this drama would fill a book.
In 2000 I invited NK1 to a party in the company, next year nobody was allowed to bring along a partner. This could be a hint for me? During the return journey she made me so angry, that I lost nearly my driving license because of high speed (compare NK1 as passenger).

Only one ticket!

NK1 doesn't fulfill the demand to a far acquaintance. She's maybe a good object for studies of generations from psychiatrists.