"The Tough"

Victim: M.K. from D., one real "foreign"-toad, this story is complete from the victim himself!

A typical Saturday evening in the pub: Actually he wanted only to drink cosy some beers and a flaming girl bothered him, although he had a girl-friend by this time. He avoided any further contact and omitted also to give her a any number. She bugs a common friend later so long, until he gave the phone number of M.K. to her. Later in a surprising call (the incident was for a long time forgotten!) didn't help the hint to the present girl-friend, the finishing hang up didn't work.
Next time SFK1 will act more prudent: his girl-friend is on ski-holidays, the victim moves inebriated through the town, she only had to pick him up in the early morning. How did Udo Jürgens sing: "The devil made the spirit...", a toad is then the fair punishment (compare MK4).

Favourite Activities
Quarreling: Is it the (original) colour of the hair (compare MK1)?. Quarreling is the best of all hobbys for red-haired! If M.K. tried to avoid the quarrel, and wanted to drive home, he wasn't allowed to wear the borrowed trousers from her any more. Therefore he drove a long distance on the highway in pants.
Put in an appearance part I: The house will never be left without make-up! Just as by the clothes there is great importance that all is correct (in contrast to MK1 or NK1 the father had the money for this; then the occupation "daughter" is not really bad!). But the silkdress from Paris is not necessary for picnic!
Put in an appearance part II: If she decorates herself so with abandon, there should not lack the appearance of her entourage. This equipment contained a white shirt and dark-coloured trousers. Additional a jacket and one casual scarf. So she could go walkies with her conquest!
Staying a long time: If she cared for her hobby quarreling, it was possible, that M.K. showed her where the door is. As self-assured person she ignored this consequently! Therefore M.K. took flight from his own apartment. Result: She completes this wonderful evening as she arrives in his favourite pub to disgrace him in front of everonye present. This is a girl, everbody falls in love with, or?
To woo recognition: Short-termed needs were often more important, then long-termed results. At least if there are concerned needs of SFK1, the exam-preparations from M.K. disturbed her plannings. Therefore she got so long on his nerves, until he was only able to write any exam with a pile of Red Bull to get the eyes open.
Self inviting: If SFK1 found out by chance about a family party from M.K., she had naturally no problems to invite herself. Protests of her victim didn't help much; he could only hear the malice of the informed people...

Driving car
The most important, a vehicle in accordance with the rank: As lady she had to loose her reputation. Therefore she didn't want to be seen in the rust-heap of her boy-friend. The Golf-Automatic (financed by Dad) is much better, for prestigious entrances is the BMW from Dad necessary!
As driver: Automatic transmission is important; then there is one hand free to make-up in the perfect adjusted driving mirror during the journey. Very important for driving: Gloves!
As passenger: Because she didn't want to drive in M.K.' car, she allowed him gracious to play the driver in her car. Naturally only under exact observation, more then 120 KM/H are too expensive because of the gas and are bad for the car.

She ignores too the fact, that M.K. finished the relationship three times. Therefore he had to wait, until she found another victim with jacket, white shirt and dark trousers. So afterwards one thinky highly about being on one's own.

Here still one happy-ending for M.K., who didn't turn away forever from women after this episode. Another endings are also thinkable!